✅ ARB Tech Checklist: Are you ready?

ARB Season is right around the corner! Are you ready?

BIS Consulting is here to help you prepare for the hustle and bustle of ARB season by providing preparatory measures, expert support, and reliable hardware to ensure your hearings runs smoothly. While everyone’s boardroom is unique, we went ahead and put together a quick checklist of the 5 most common items to test beforehand:

  1. Login to your boardroom PC and test that your CAMA appraisal software connection is working.
  2. Test the microphone to be sure it is recording properly.
  3. Check your printer connections and print a test page.
  4. Verify that your projector is working properly.
  5. Login to your public PC that displays the ARB Survey Form 50-823 and test that the form is open and ready for property owners to use.

Were there any issues? If so, call us today and let one of our amazing techs help you! (800)247-9045


Don’t forget about the public PC that the state requires you to provide for all property owners that visit your office!

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