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Author Archive

The City of Eagle Pass Water Works recently chose BIS to create a digital water and wastewater network for the City.

The City of Eagle Pass Water Works recently chose BIS to create a digital water and wastewater network for the City. All  lines, meters, hydrants, valves, manholes will be mapped and attributed. BIS Consulting will also develop an interactive map to display the utility data as well as the latest ownership information from the Appraisal District.

Utility mapping

Texas Counties – Reappraisal Plan and Planning Video 2013

Message from the State Comptroller of Texas. We are pleased to announce the release of our new video on Reappraisal Plans and Planning Basics. The video explains the law requiring the development of biennial reappraisal plans and takes a step-by-step approach to creating, implementing and evaluating these plans for your appraisal district.

The new video has been approved for continuing education credit for property tax professionals who are registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). A certificate of completion may be forwarded to our office for us to report to TDLR.

Additionally, we have posted Reappraisal Plans for the 2013 and 2014 tax years on our website. These plans, organized by county, can be used as a resource for developing biennial plans.

2013 Texas Association of Assessing Officers Conference

Lost Pines, Texas

Stop by and visit BIS Consulting at booth 23 for the 74th annual Texas Associate of Assessing Officers conference. The conference this year will be held at the  Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort located in Lost Pines, Texas.  More information regarding the conference can be found here – Conference Agenda

Dimmit County Appraisal District’s new website and property search

Check out the new website and property search for Dimmit County Appraisal District – Dimmit-CAD.org  /  Property Search – If you are looking for an easy to use website and property search for your tax payers we have a solution! Simplifying IT and GIS for appraisal districts and tax offices is our mission at BIS!

Give us a try and see why so many districts are switching to BIS!

Are you looking to download a Dimmit County GIS file?  Click here.

Anderson County Appraisal District voted in favor of our hardware lease option

Anderson County Appraisal District voted in favor of our hardware lease option. BIS will be providing the district complete hardware support and cover any issues with their hardware for the next 5 years. This option gives the county the ability to set a consistent budget every year.   Find out  more information about our lease option plans. – BIS Hardware Lease Options

BIS will offer Digital Appraisal Notices & Digital Tax Statements in 2014

Texas Tax Code, § 1.085 dictates that access to many forms can now be distributed to taxpayers via email. As the tax and appraisal industry moves toward online avenues for its services, BIS Consulting is committed to offering an array of solutions for our customers. Our newest software offers digital Appraisal Notices and digital Tax Statements. This technology will automatically alert taxpayers via email and give them access to view notices and statements. When partnered with our Property Search and Online Protest software, taxpayers will also have the ability to protest taxes or pay taxes online.

Features Include:

  • Customizable design allows software to be tailored for each client
  • Automated email delivery gives taxpayers access to notices and statements online
  • Secure software enables taxpayers to login and view information
  • Delivery confirmation when email is opened and when taxpayers view documents
  • Centralized dashboard allows clients to access data about notices and statements
  • Integration with property search software (*If BIS hosts your property search)
  • Integration with online protest software (*If BIS hosts your online protest)
  • Secure online tax payments (*If contracted with Certified Payments)

Visit our Digital Appraisal Notices & Tax Statements page to learn more and get pricing.

BIS Consulting will be visiting the Tax Assessor Collector Association Conference in San Marcos

BIS Consulting will be visiting the TACA conference this year. Please feel free to stop us and say hello! We will be accompanying Tyler Technologies and Certified Payments.  The Tax Assessor – Collector Association Conference will be held in San Marcos this year.

2013 TACA Conference Program Information: Click Here


Embassy Suites San Marcos – Hotel, Spa and Conference Center
1001 E. McCarty Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666

Dimmit County Appraisal District elected BIS as its Web Hosting and Property Search provider

Dimmit County Appraisal District elected BIS as its Web Hosting and Property Search provider. Look for their new site to be up and running very soon.

Some of the key features include:

  • Integrated with Certified Payments
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Edit Your Own Website
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Mobile Website Capability
  • GIS Maps Integration
  • Contact Forms
  • Analytic Reporting
  • Matching Email Addresses
  • FTP Hosting
  • Nightly Ownership and Tax Payment Updates

Howard CAD GIS Case Study

Original paper mapThe GIS conversion project for Howard CAD included the conversion of their existing GIS data, scanning over 300 large paper maps to digital format and publishing the final product to an interactive mapping system. Howard CAD initially used older mapping software to maintain over 22,000 real properties. However, it did not overlay any aerial images or integrate with their CAMA records. It was also discovered through a data analysis that the parcel boundaries did not match the aerial imagery by over 100 feet.

BIS Consulting was able to reconstruct Howard CAD’s base map using the information from old paper maps. These maps were able to provide accurate dimensions as well as historical lot and block information for each city. The historical layer provides valuable information and is included as part of BIS Consulting’s standard GIS database.

GIS Data Conversion

After the parcel base map was completed, it was scanned for topological accuracy and integrated with the ownership information from Howard CAD’s CAMA software. A subdivision layer, city limits layer, abstract layer, and streets layer were also created as part of the final base map. All of these layers were then published to an interactive map online. The appraisers at Howard CAD were able to quickly benefit from this technology by accessing information in the field using the GPS signal on their smart phone or tablet. Taxpayers, private companies, and city employees are also benefiting from this technology by exporting ownership information, printing, and drawing directly on the map!

Howard CAD continues to pursue innovation through new technology and increasing their efficiency with GIS. If you would like to learn more about the project at Howard CAD or speak with our GIS team, please contact us today!

(800) 247-9045

Howard CAD Interactive Map

BIS Consulting’s GIS Services

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