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Author Archive

TAAD conference 2012

BIS Consulting will be attending the 2012 TAAD Conference, and would like you to stop by our Booth (booth 28) to visit. We appreciate our clients and future clients, so we have chosen a special gift for you, to show our token of appreciation. BIS will also have a drawing for our famous cowboy wooden coolers. Once you stop by we would be happy to answer your questions about our IT and GIS services. Feel free, while you are at the conference, to locate a few of our clients and ask them why they like working with BIS.

Here are just a few offices that rely on BIS for GIS and /or IT Consulting:
o Hunt CAD – Brent – Website Hosting, IT Consulting, Online GIS Maps, Offsite Backups, Property Search, Online Protest

o Gaines CAD – Gayla – GIS Mapping

o Hunt Tax – Wayne – IT maintenance, Offsite backups, Web Hosting – http://www.hctax.info

o Austin CAD – Richard – IT services, Offsite backups

o Brookshire Municipal Water District – Lindsey – Web Hosting

o Anderson CAD – Carson – IT Maintenance, Offsite backups

o Upshur CAD – Sarah – IT Maintenance, Website Hosting

o Titus CAD – Doug – GIS, IT, Offsite backups, Web Hosting

Further clients can be found here – http://best-it-shop.com/references/

Gaines County Appraisal District chose BIS consulting as their computer lease vendor

Gaines CAD out of Seminole, TX picked BIS Consulting as its computer lease vendor. Our lease program offers our clients a piece of mind as it comes with our IT maintenace solution. Our clients can focus on their job while we take care of all the hardware and computer problems.  BIS Consulting should be your first choose for IT maintenance and hardware lease options.

Need a free image renaming tool ?

Rename Master is an excellent free image renaming tool that is very advanced. check it out! http://www.snapfiles.com/downloads/renamemaster/dlrenamemaster.html




Deaf Smith County Appraisal District now has a disaster plan

BIS Consulting was chosen by Deaf Smith County Appraisal District to provide a secure easy to use offsite backup procedure. BIS came through with its award winning software. Deaf Smith CAD can now feel confident that their data is securely stored offsite.

2012 Windows 7 antivirus Virus going around

Just when we thought the Windows xp antivirus virus was going away, here comes 2012 windows 7 antivirus virus. If anyone is having issues with this virus bleeping computer came through once again. This article helped me resolve the issue.



Backing up files on volumes larger than 2 TB using GPT partition table

I ran into this issue while trying to backup a server 2008 sp2 box. The error message was Volumes have to be smaller than 2 TB (-) 4 GB to be protected. This is an issue with windows and my solution was to upgrade to r2. There are no signs of SP3 coming out for Windows server 2008. 🙁  My D drive is 3.9 TB in size and my backup software Genie wouldn’t work with it and neither did windows server backup. Having VSS shadow copy on would not allow me to backup the .vhd files either.



This behavior is by design. Error is generated because we try to configure backup for a source volume which exceeds the limits ofWindows Server Backup. Error can be bypassed either by skipping the volume that is greater than 2044 GB in size, or by shrinking it.


BIS Consulting is now offering disaster planning and recovery for Rains County Appraisal District

The Board of Directors at Rains County Appraisal District picked BIS Consulting for our disaster recovery and offsite backup solution.


Delta County Appraisal District selected BIS Consulting for their IT Maintenance Vendor

BIS was selected to provide IT maintenance services by Delta County Appraisal District. Delta can now rest assured their IT infrastructure is secure and properly maintained.

Thanks Delta CAD for choosing BIS,


Red River CAD recently approved a GIS contract with BIS Consulting to convert their existing paper maps to GIS.

Red River CAD recently approved a GIS contract with BIS Consulting to convert their existing paper maps to GIS. This project is scheduled to be completed in 8-12 months. The Red River County Appraisal District is located in Clarksville, Texas and has approximately 16,000 parcels.

BIS Consulting provides comprehensive parcels mapping services to appraisal districts in Texas. Click here to learn more about our GIS services.

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