Backing up files on volumes larger than 2 TB using GPT partition table

I ran into this issue while trying to backup a server 2008 sp2 box. The error message was Volumes have to be smaller than 2 TB (-) 4 GB to be protected. This is an issue with windows and my solution was to upgrade to r2. There are no signs of SP3 coming out for Windows server 2008. 🙁  My D drive is 3.9 TB in size and my backup software Genie wouldn’t work with it and neither did windows server backup. Having VSS shadow copy on would not allow me to backup the .vhd files either.


This behavior is by design. Error is generated because we try to configure backup for a source volume which exceeds the limits ofWindows Server Backup. Error can be bypassed either by skipping the volume that is greater than 2044 GB in size, or by shrinking it.