BIS TechCon 2016 – Schedule App is Here!

The BIS TechCon 2016 is based around “Be a Game Changer” and will be running from November 29 to December 2 in Frisco, Texas. You and your staff will be able to learn about the latest industry developments, from open carry laws for the office to updating your website. You will also be able to listen to special guest Chad Prather, Sterling Harris, and Luke Wade. To help you get the most from our TechCon, we are pleased to announce the release of our BIS Consulting Schedule App, built around providing attendees a personal, customized schedule for the entire conference.
The Schedule App also offers so much more! After signing into the application, class materials are instantly available, making it much easier to have information in hand. The Schedule App also integrates with your smartphone or tablet calendar applications and can also send you email reminders of when and where you need to be for the next talk. In addition, there is a complete directory of other attendees, sponsors, and the venue. The Schedule App will also connect to your social media accounts, which is great for getting to know the other attendees to help build your network of like-minded industry contacts.

From any device, simply go to:

The BIS TechCon Schedule App is available for all devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows. No downloading or installation required. If you are viewing this on your smartphone, tap below to take you to the app entry.