BIS will offer Digital Appraisal Notices & Digital Tax Statements in 2014

Texas Tax Code, § 1.085 dictates that access to many forms can now be distributed to taxpayers via email. As the tax and appraisal industry moves toward online avenues for its services, BIS Consulting is committed to offering an array of solutions for our customers. Our newest software offers digital Appraisal Notices and digital Tax Statements. This technology will automatically alert taxpayers via email and give them access to view notices and statements. When partnered with our Property Search and Online Protest software, taxpayers will also have the ability to protest taxes or pay taxes online.

Features Include:

  • Customizable design allows software to be tailored for each client
  • Automated email delivery gives taxpayers access to notices and statements online
  • Secure software enables taxpayers to login and view information
  • Delivery confirmation when email is opened and when taxpayers view documents
  • Centralized dashboard allows clients to access data about notices and statements
  • Integration with property search software (*If BIS hosts your property search)
  • Integration with online protest software (*If BIS hosts your online protest)
  • Secure online tax payments (*If contracted with Certified Payments)

Visit our Digital Appraisal Notices & Tax Statements page to learn more and get pricing.