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Ochiltree CAD selects BIS as their GIS services provider

Ochiltree CAD just selected BIS Consultants as their new GIS services provider.  We will transfer their existing parcel data set and assume control of their parcel data maintenance.  In addition we will be building a streets layer and subdivisions.  As part of this agreement they will also be getting an online interactive map.  We are excited about improving their GIS products and community data access.

Need Ochiltree GIS data?  Click here.

Kaufman County selects BIS for Enterprise GIS Consulting

Kaufman County and the Kaufman County Sheriffs Dept selected BIS Consultants – GIS team for a county wide project that includes a modernization of the existing Geographic Information System, new data sets, web mapping application build, GIS training, and enterprise GIS support.  This project will improve 911 addressing, critical infrastructure and the road data network available to dispatch as well as push improvements to all of the county sheriffs patrol vehicles.  This will also have a positive impact on emergency management and public works among others.

BIS helping with new restaurant location analysis

The GIS team at BIS Consultants is currently helping an established and successful restaurant chain with location – allocation analysis, evaluating existing locations and helping senior management select possible new sites based on quantifiable results.  With multiple years experience doing predictive analytics, location-allocation studies, and spatial analysis for retail, restaurants, healthcare and public safety we are in a position to offer high value services to a multitude of customers.

Municipality selects BIS for GIS Consulting project

Recently a medium sized, Dallas/Fort Worth based municipality selected BIS Consultants to provide a variety of GIS consulting services that include evaluation of the current system as well as the reviewing and evaluation of other GIS consultants recommendations.  We believe that due to our extensive and diverse experience, proven track record of progressive thought and our integrity we were selected to give an educated and unbiased professional opinion.  We are definitely looking forward to getting to work.  If you are in need of an enterprise GIS evaluation or would like your plans or recommendations reviewed please get in touch.

BIS completes energy related GIS project

The GIS – Mapping team at BIS Consultants recently completed an energy related project, working with petroleum landmen and one of the nations largest energy services companies; BIS helped to clean critical data, map mineral leasehold, and provide professional map products that are used in the time sensitive scouting of lease positions.  We look forward to being a valuable resource for oil and gas or energy services companies in Texas.  With years experience in oil and gas, a mastery of the surface and mineral parcel mapping processes and specialized training in petroleum land, BIS is poised to be an asset to many organizations.

How can BIS Consulting help you?

How can BIS Consulting  help you?

How can BIS Consulting help you?

Washing County Appraisal District moves to BIS web hosting services

Washington County Appraisal District elected to go with BIS’s website and property search. Our easy to use content management system allows end users to update their website themselves. The sites are responsive and work on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Welcome to the BIS Family Washington CAD.

Camp CAD moving to BIS for GIS services

Last week the Camp County TX Appraisal District Board of Directors made the decision to change GIS / Mapping service providers from their current vendor over to BIS Consultants.  We anticipate a final conversion to be completed by October 1st at which time we will assume full control of the management and maintenance of the GIS parcel data set and other relevant basemap layers.  This move compliments their already being a BIS Online Interactive Map client.  We look forward to working even more closely with Camp CAD and providing the exemplary customer service and data quality they deserve.

Live Oak CAD signs GIS services agreement

We are pleased to announce that Live Oak CAD is our newest GIS client.  In the coming weeks BIS Consultants will begin the Live Oak CAD GIS parcel and basemap construction.  GIS maintenance and online interactive map will follow.  BIS looks forward to working with Live Oak and improving their appraisal data access and quality.

BIS adds 3 new GIS team members

BIS Consultants has seen an increase in GIS related business as clients turn to us for a variety of products and services to include GIS parcel maintenance, base map production, online and mobile based maps, custom enterprise GIS solutions and special mapping and analysis projects.  We are fueled by our reputation of providing excellent customer service, tremendous value and better quality while having a highly qualified team with years of experience.  We are proud of what we have accomplished.  The growth over the last 6 months, coupled with our desire to always exceed expectations has led us to add three new GIS staff to the team.  Today we have a total of eight GIS professionals based in Texas, all working together, collaborating and continuing to ensure that BIS remains the go to organization for GIS and mapping for years to come.  Thank you for your support!

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