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Hartley County Appraisal District GIS project to start this fall

Hartley CAD recently added BIS Consultants to their corner with the approval of a GIS parcel and base map production contract that includes our follow-on parcel maintenance program and the online interactive web mapping application.  We are looking forward to converting their legacy maps and data into a modern, more useful set of layers allowing for better district operations, improved public access to information and improved tax revenues.  BIS Consultants can fulfill county GIS / mapping needs faster, easier, and more economically than doing it in-house or with any of the other vendors out there.

Nolan County Appraisal District moves to BIS for their GIS

BIS Consultants has a reputation for stellar customer service, value and high quality.  Over the last 6 months BIS – GIS Mapping business has grown by 45%!!  Nolan CAD realized all of the benefits of switching to BIS as their GIS service provider and will soon come on line with parcel maintenance and the online interactive map.  We look forward to working with them!

ESRI upgrade to 10.2.2 successfully completed by our GIS Team

Our GIS team consisting of Aaron Kreag, GIS Director, Kenneth Weismuller, Hector Gomez, Chris Shuma, Jordan Carmona, Sterling Stember, and Todd Webb recently logged 300 hours over a 4 day period, successfully completing a complex ESRI upgrade and migration.  The team moved to version 10.2.2, from single tier to multiple tier architecture, moved and rebuilt 50 spatial databases, re-architected SQL server, cleaned file based data sets, rebuilt 100 MXD’s, rebuilt 80 map services, rebuilt and deployed 40 mobile applications and upgraded and rebuilt 45 Flex interactive web mapping applications.  Many organizations would take weeks or months to complete this endeavor.  We truly appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to BIS and our customers. Thank you GIS Team!

BIS wins the Mills CAD GIS Contract

BIS Consultants is pleased to announce that after months of evaluation and consideration, in a field of multiple vendors, Mills Central Appraisal District has selected BIS as their GIS services provider.  In the near future, BIS will begin the process of converting their legacy paper maps and aerial photographs into a modern GIS tax parcel layer that includes road centerlines, subdivisions, lots, and other reference data.  Mills CAD has also signed on to a multiple year GIS data maintenance program and our industry-leading online Interactive Web Map application.  We are looking forward to helping Mills CAD modernize their property visualization system.

BIS conducting massive GIS upgrade

BIS is always trying to stay on top of technology and remain progressive.  As such BIS is currently in the process of upgrading all of our GIS mapping infrastructure, data and software to include a migration to ESRI version 10.2.2.  We will also be rebuilding all of our clients’ interactive web mapping applications which will include new tools and added functionality.  This improvement will help ensure that we continue to be the best GIS team in the industry; once again elevating the bar and setting standards for others to follow.

BIS Consulting at TAAO 2014

BIS Consulting will be at booth 23 at the TAAO conference in San Antonio. We have a surprise in store for all our clients and potential clients that stop by! Hope to see you there!

BIS Consulting TAAO 2014

Quality GIS Printed Maps by BIS Consulting

Do you need a GIS printed map? Our GIS Team has created some great looking GIS maps. We can make these maps for you digitally or we can print and mail them!  Below is a map made for th City of Cotulla located in Lasalle County.


GIS Printed Map by BIS Consulting

GIS Printed Map by BIS Consulting

Young County Appraisal District selects BIS

BIS is pleased to announce that Young CAD recently selected BIS for their GIS parcel mapping project with follow on GIS maintenance as well as our ESRI® ArcServer based online Interactive Map implementation.  We are excited to be adding Young CAD to the BIS family and honored to have the opportunity to provide high quality, critical GIS data and services to another client.

Need a Young County GIS file that you can download?  Click here.

BIS now offering on site deed and GIS training

We have always been known for superior customer service and flexibility.  Over time we have heard from multiple agencies requesting training or on-site mentoring in areas such as deed processing,  deed interpretation, GIS and parcel mapping, ESRI® best practices, as well as process and workflow improvement.  In an effort to ensure our customers are as successful as possible we have answered the call and have just returned from visiting multiple counties.  We will continue to offer this important support service indefinitely.  If you have a need please give us a call.

Milam Appraisal District now part of the BIS Family!

BIS would like to welcome its newest client Milam Appraisal District to the BIS family. Milam has chosen BIS Consulting as their IT, GIS and Website vendor. You can see some of their new services by visiting the following links: Website, GIS Maps Online, Property Search

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