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Anderson CAD chose BIS’s phone system

BIS was chosen by Anderson CAD to upgrade their phone system. BIS offers a cost effective phone solution to meet today’s districts needs!  Contact us to find out more information…

BIS Document Imaging solution chosen by Dimmit County Appraisal District

The Dimmit County Appraisal District chose  BIS to scan all their documents.  Regain control and have the documents you need when you need them. BIS Consulting provides a turnkey solution (prepping, scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval) for organizations seeking an on-site or off-site document imaging provider. Check out our Imaging Services at – Document Imaging Solutions

DFW Overhead Doors selected BIS for web hosting

DFW Overhead Doors chose BIS Consulting to host their website. DFW Overhead Doors is the premiere leader in garage repair in the DFW area.

ABC Behavioral Health chose BIS Consulting as its IT maintenance vendor

ABC Behavioral Health located in Dallas, Texas chose BIS Consulting as its IT Maintenance vendor. As their vendor we ensure their applications, server, computers, and email is up and running 100%. BIS Consulting is there for you when you are having IT issues!

Duval CAD located in San Diego Texas chose BIS’s hardware lease program

Duval CAD chose BIS’s hardware lease program for their servers and desktops. Our lease program offers complete hardware warranty and technical support on the system. Our leases make balancing a budget simpler and you don’t have the burden coming up with thousands of dollars when you need to purchase all new equipment. Every four years your equipment is rotated out with the latest technology available.

Carson CAD selects BIS Consulting to convert their existing paper maps to GIS

Carson CAD recently approved a GIS contract with BIS Consulting to convert their existing paper maps and digital data to GIS. This project is scheduled to be completed in 8-12 months. The Carson County Appraisal District is located in Panhandle, Texas and has approximately 7,700 parcels.

BIS Consulting provides comprehensive parcel mapping services to appraisal districts in Texas. Click here to learn more about our GIS services.

Property Tax Administration Rules

 The following Property Tax Administration Rules were published in the Nov. 9, 2012, Texas Register:

§9.4301 Definitions
§9.4302 General Provisions
§9.4306 Filing a Protest
§9.4308 Contents of Petition
§9.4309 Insufficient Grounds for Objection
§9.4311 Prehearing Exchange and Informal Conference
§9.4313 Conduct of Oral Hearing


BIS Consulting at the Texas Rural Chief Appraisers Conference and VG Young Conference

BIS Consulting at the Texas Rural Chief Appraisers Conference  and at the V.G. Young Institute of County Government Conference. We had a wonderful time visiting with our existing and potentially new clients. I would like to personally Thank all of our clients for stopping by and visiting us! The support over the last few years has been tremendous!

Texas Tax Code 41.47 – Determination of Protest

As a reminder, Tax Code §41.47(c) requires that an order determining protest must state the appraised value of the property as shown in the appraisal records submitted to the appraisal review board, as well as the value(s) determined by the board resulting from an appraised value protest. In addition, each issue protested must be included in the order determining protest along with the value determination for each.  Comptroller model form Order Determining Protest or Order of Dismissal includes spaces for this information. If both issues are the subject of a protest, it is imperative that both market value and unequal appraisal determinations be included on an order determining protest.

The Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) has revised its Property Classification Guide

The Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) has revised its Property Classification Guide.Significant changes were made to Category D, Category G and the totally exempt property category. Clarification of how to categorize parent and adjacent accounts under common ownership is included and may require your attention.This will apply to Tax Year 2013 #TexasPropertyTaxes #PropertyTaxAssistanceDivision http://ow.ly/eLZyi

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