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Atascosa County Appraisal District elected BIS to host and design their website

Atascosa County Appraisal District elected BIS to host and design their website. BIS Consulting offers exceptional web design services to small and medium sized organizations. Our clients count on us to provide creative solutions that help establish their identity online and provide customers with the information they need.

Walker County Appraisal District selected BIS for their Web Hosting and Property Search

Walker County Appraisal District chose BIS Consulting for their Web Hosting and Property Search.


BIS Consulting’s eSearch application is built with the latest technology and simplifies the property search process. You no longer need to specify advanced search criteria, or fill out multiple fields to perform a search. eSearch takes a single search input and quickly returns results based on the information you entered. It also has built-in logic to determine if you are looking for a street or an owner name. eSearch provides up-to-date property information without installing software and lots of unnecessary hardware.


Map Integration:

Our eSearch application gives you the option to specify which maps you want to use. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing GIS data or display maps from Google or Microsoft Bing. This integration is extremely helpful to determine the physical location of a property.


Printing Information

Printing property information online is as simple as hitting the print button. All of the property information is in an extended layout. This allows a user to print from one screen instead of trying to print information in various locations throughout the site.


Mobile Ready

Need to view property information from your smartphone? eSearch can automatically format the search results to a mobile format. This makes viewing the information fast and easy!


Public Information Act

The Texas Government Code, Chapter 552 states all government information is available to the public. Our eSearch application makes this information available online at no additional cost to users.

Demo Site – http://esearch.bisconsultants.com

Austin County Appraisal District selected BIS Consulting as its IT Maintenance Vendor

Austin County Appraisal District selected BIS Consulting to provide IT Maintenance vendor for the District.

BIS Consulting has over 30 years of combined IT experience with a unique blend of technical skills, people skills, and business savvy.  Your organization will always have the responsiveness and support you need and can depend on.  Our network specialists handle both routine and emergency requests promptly 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you have an existing IT department,  we can complement and extend your staff, as needed.  We provide a complete IT outsourcing solution.  Receiving the right expertise from a network consultant at a critical stage of a small business life can help you get to the next level. Here, you will find solutions for one-time network project consulting, second level expert support to complement your IT staff, part-time or full time network outsourcing solution tailored to small business.

Walker County Appraisal District Selects BIS Consulting to Provide GIS Maintenance Services

Walker County Appraisal District recently selected BIS Consulting to provide GIS maintenance services for the District. GIS maintenance protects the District’s original investment in GIS and ensures they continue to receive maximum value for that investment. BIS Consulting will also be creating a custom interactive map to publish Walker CAD’s maps online. Walker CAD is located in Huntsville, TX.

Click here to learn more about our Interactive Maps.

Click here to learn more about our GIS services.

Need a downloadable Walker County GIS Map?  Click here.

BIS Consulting Property Search

BIS Consulting just released its phase 2 property search. Our property search helps tax payers get the data they need into their hands when it comes to property appraisal and tax information. With advanced search capabilities, Google maps integration, print functionality, mobile device support and GIS map integration. Check out our Property Search by visiting – http://esearch.bisconsultants.com

Our Success.

At BIS Consulting, We believe our success is in direct proportion to the service we provide for our clients.

Kendall CAD’s board approved BIS’s contract today

Kendall CAD’s board approved our contract today to provide the district with the following services:


  • IT maintenance
  • Offsite Backups
  • eSearch
  • GIS Interactive Map
  • Web Hosting


Bailey CAD chose BIS Consulting for their web hosting, email and ftp

Bailey County Appraisal District out of Muleshoe, Texas chose BIS for their website, email and ftp hosting. Check out their new website at http://www.bailey-cad.org  

BIS Consulting Bailey CAD website

Coryell CAD went LIVE with BIS Consultings eSearch

Coryell County Appraisal District went LIVE with BIS Consulting’s online property search. Check it out at http://propertysearch.coryellcad.org.

bis consulting property search








BIS offers other web site services such as online appeals, websites, ftp and email.

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