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City of Brady Contracts BIS for GIS Services

The City of Brady in McCulloch County, Texas recently contracted with BIS Consultants for GIS Support and Services, as well as the build and hosting of an online interactive web map.  This project is being done in conjunction with multiple city departments and the McCulloch County Appraisal District.  It is a perfect example of interagency collaboration resulting in the most prudent use of public funds by way of a pooled resource model.  We look forward to partnering with the City of Brady on this endeavor.

Protest Time Is Around The Corner

It’s the start of the busiest time of year for most appraisal districts…protest time. At BIS Consulting we want to help make sure that you are prepared and have everything ready so you are able to smoothly get through this crazy time of year.

How does BIS help Appraisal Districts remove some of the headache of Protest season?

We’ve created Online Protest Software that is easy for the taxpayer and district but is packed with helpful features. BIS works with you and your printer to create Pins for e-protest accounts. In addition to this if you are an IT client our team will contact you and make sure your projector, computer and audio recording equipment is ready for protest season.

If you are currently an e-protest client you will be receiving an email with some very important information.

If you aren’t an e-protest client yet, click here to learn more.  Or better yet contact one of our current e-protest clients and ask them about it.

For more information contact bkay@bisconsultants.com

GIS Team to Attend GIS/CAMA Conference This Week

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed  -Mia Hamm

At BIS Consulting we are never satisfied to stay right where we are. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services to our clients, to continue to grow and learn and raise the bar. To that end, we are sending two of our GIS team members to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this week to attend the GIS/CAMA conference.

This is an annual conference for professionals in property assessment, tax administration, mapping and information technology. They will be attending classes ranging from GIS/CAMA integration to Creating Configurable Applications. They will also have a chance to network with other GIS professionals in this field which provides an invaluable amount of information since you are able to ask what works best and find out what doesn’t first hand from those that have used these tools already in their business.

We are excited to send these two off to soak up all this information and bring it back to us!

At BIS we are proud to offer top notch GIS services. We offer everything from helping you setup your GIS department to map data conversion to GIS support to mobile maps and everything in between. To see all of the GIS capabilities that BIS Consulting  has to offer please visit www.gisforcama.com

Google Is Making Changes…

At BIS Consulting we try to stay on top of the constantly changing technology world so we can keep you informed. Last week Google announce that they are making some Google Earth changes so we went straight to our GIS director, Aaron Kreag, for some insight on this and to see if it would affect our clients and the way their maps are handled.

While we do not think the change will affect any of our clients we felt it was important to put out some brief news affecting the greater GIS community.  Google will soon be ending its Google Earth Enterprise program among a few other internal changes.  ESRI has some news related to these changes located here:… http://www.esri.com/landing-pages/products/google-lp

The main news here is that if you or others in your office have parcel data in KML or KMZ format and you use Google Earth to visualize this data, you should consider switching to another product and format to view your data.  If you would like to upgrade your GIS program and capabilities, BIS is able to provide you with a dynamic web based mapping application such as:… http://gis.bisconsultants.com/huntcad/

However, if you need another free product you can look at ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, more information can be found here:.. http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/explorer

It is our understanding that Google Maps will continue to be used and supported for online usage, satellite imagery, locations and directions.  Please give us a call or email if you would like to discuss this new information.”

Come visit BIS Consulting at TAAD Feb 15-18

It’s time for TAAD and we are super excited!!! We love conference time because we get to spend time with YOU! The BIS family is spread out all over the place so conference time gives us a way to get together and catch up with you guys. Come see us at our booth in the vendor area and have your caricature drawn. While you’re there don’t forget to  enter the drawing for the Yeti cooler.

On Monday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 we are joining with Tyler Technologies at Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant for an evening of fun, food, drinks and live music. Space is limited so if you’d like to join us click here to RSVP.

Dallam and Madison CAD Websites Go LIVE!!!!

We are excited to unveil the tool that will open up a world of opportunities for Madison County Appraisal District and Dallam County Appraisal District. When BIS designs a website we keep both the CAD and the taxpayer in mind. These CADs are now able to easily keep their taxpayers informed on the latest tax info, upcoming deadlines, holiday closings and contact information within their district. Taxpayers are able to stay up to date with the CADs by viewing the latest news, the tax calendar and even print exemption forms from home.

Because both Madison CAD and Dallam CAD chose to add on two special features to their website they are opening up even more opportunities for their taxpayers.

  • Online Property Search – taxpayers can find loads of information about a property by searching using a property ID, a name or even just the address
  • Online Interactive Map – packed with features including the ability to measure, search, print, and even a spatial search that will automatically create a spreadsheet based on the search results

BIS is pleased to offer this amazing technology that  is now helping Madison and Dallam CAD become more productive by putting these tools in the hands of their staff and  allowing the taxpayer to do many tasks from home that would have ordinarily only been able to be taken care of with a visit to the appraisal district office.

Congrats Madison and Dallam CAD…enjoy your website!

Visit Madison CAD’s site HERE. Visit Dallam CAD’s site HERE.

BIS Consulting’s First Annual Technology Conference – December 2015

BIS Consulting is strongly considering holding a Technology Conference in December 2015.  However, before we make concrete plans we would like to gauge interest and hopefully get an idea of possible attendance numbers.

Click the image to find out more information and click here to  RSVP!

Happy New Year from BIS!

As the year comes to a close we tend to reflect on all that has happened over the last 365 days. Here at BIS we have had an amazing 2014.

  • Expanded our team to serve the growing number of clients
  • Our service area grew outside of Texas securing our first client in Georgia
  • 7 GIS members logged 300 hours in 4 days to successfully upgrade ESRI as well as rebuilding interactive webmaps and deploying 40 new mobile apps
  • Team members went out into local schools to teach young children the basics of GIS mapping and worked with the Junior Achievement group of Dallas to teach about working in a community
  • Began partnerships with many new CADS and started working with other industries helping restaurant chains, energy service companies and municipalities with their GIS needs

Looking on towards 2015 we are excited for all of the new faces to meet at conferences, new relationships to build, new additions to current services and even brand new services at BIS

  • January 5, 2015 we are unveiling our new deed service where you can have deed training in your office as well as act as a temporary deed clerk.
  • We are working towards providing digital forms for CADs
  • Developers are currently researching how best to provide a dashboard for GIS clients to be able to see the progress of their submitted work
  • BIS will host their first client conference in 2015. The classes are being developed with input from clients so we can address what is important and provide training that is beneficial for your office and staff

We are so blessed and humbled by all that has happened in 2014 and we cannot wait to see what amazing adventures we have in 2015!

BIS offering Turnkey solution for McMullen County Appraisal District

McMullen County Appraisal District looked to BIS to provide a complete turnkey IT, GIS and Website solution. Our team of experts installed and configured their network, cleaned up their GIS maps and developed their website, property search and online appeals application. Welcome to the family McMullen CAD!



Madison County Appraisal District expands services with BIS Consulting

Already part of the BIS family, Madison County Appraisal District located in Madisonville, Texas has chosen to expand their services with BIS because of our continuous commitment to customer service!  BIS will be providing the district with GIS Maintenance, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, Property Search, Online Appeals and GIS Interactive Maps along with their already serviced IT Maintenance contract.

Thank you Madison CAD for your loyal support to BIS!

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