BIS Consulting Design Custom Tax Collection Website For Comal County

BIS Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a new tax invoicing system, built and customized for the Comal County WORD (Water Oriented Recreation District). The new system has the ability to handle either monthly or quarterly sales, whereby a business is able to input their business type, line details, and of course, sales for items such as dry boat storage, rafting tour guides and similar. The website calculates the taxes owed. For a business with no sales, owners or accountants can input a zero balance, allowing you to report no sales rather than appearing as delinquent. Additionally, the website will generate a tax statement, if necessary. This can be printed for record keeping. In order to pay the tax, a business can either mail in the payment or pay online. The ability to pay online is provided by our business partner, Certified Payments. Since 1992, they have been an industry leader in providing highly secured government agency payments online.
In addition to the website, the BIS Consulting custom application also includes a management console that is able to track payments made and display those businesses having paid their taxes. The console also allows Comal County to add or remove businesses, revoke permits if the taxes are not paid, and track the status of existing permits. The county is expecting the new system to dramatically streamline the process of businesses filing their sales and calculating their tax bills. The website and application will be going live on January 1, 2017.
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