Email Scam Alert – May 2017

Our goal at BIS is to help you be productive while keeping your data protected. Over the last week, it has been brought to our attention that an email scam has hit a few districts and is proving to be very sneaky. We want you to be aware so you can alert your staff and be proactive with these scams.

Key items to look for in this email scam:

  • The email is appearing to come from the chief appraiser’s email address and they are sending it to the finance person or the deputy.
  • The subject line reads “Transaction Request”
  • The body of the message reads “OK, I’m busy right now and i want you to process an outgoing domestic instant wire bank transfer today. So, i need you to email back and reconfirm what information required in order for you to process the transfer.”
  • The signature is the chief appraiser and underneath it reads “Sent from my iphone”

What should you do if you received an email like this and have responded?

  • Do not respond. If you have, do not send any more responses.
  • Change your computer login password.
  • Change your email password.
  • Run a malware scan on your computer just to be safe.
  • Call BIS for assistance with any of the above items.

The best way to protect your office is to promote communication.

  • Share this article to your entire staff.
  • Tell them they should always ask you in person or on the phone when they get an email of urgency to send money.
  • Remind them to use secure passwords and never use a family members name or a birth date as this information is all easily available on social media and can be accessed by virtually anyone.

If you would like any more information please feel free to give us a call at (800)247-9045.

Remember – being Proactive will keep you Protected so you can stay Productive.