ESRI upgrade to 10.2.2 successfully completed by our GIS Team

Our GIS team consisting of Aaron Kreag, GIS Director, Kenneth Weismuller, Hector Gomez, Chris Shuma, Jordan Carmona, Sterling Stember, and Todd Webb recently logged 300 hours over a 4 day period, successfully completing a complex ESRI upgrade and migration.  The team moved to version 10.2.2, from single tier to multiple tier architecture, moved and rebuilt 50 spatial databases, re-architected SQL server, cleaned file based data sets, rebuilt 100 MXD’s, rebuilt 80 map services, rebuilt and deployed 40 mobile applications and upgraded and rebuilt 45 Flex interactive web mapping applications.  Many organizations would take weeks or months to complete this endeavor.  We truly appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to BIS and our customers. Thank you GIS Team!