Get more out of your website

     ***Dynamic Main Menu***

Pages on the main menu can easily be added, removed or adjusted. You can even create drop down menus to easily organize sections of the website.

     ***Mobile Content Integration***
The website will automatically format for mobile browsers making it easy to read content from a smart phone.

     ***Google Maps Integration***
An interactive map of your office location can be added to your contact page. This gives users the ability to print directions directly to your office.

     ***Google Analytics Reporting***
Receive monthly website reports by email that has detailed information on how people are interacting with your website. Website hits, keywords and the geographic location of users accessing the website is included in the report.

     ***Email addresses***

Email addresses included with website hosting.

***Contact Forms***
A contact form can be added to the website to ensure proper contact information is received before an email is sent. Typical contact information includes: Name, Phone & Email.

     ***Staff/Employee Directory***
A List of all employees and their contact information can be added to the website.

***Forms Page***
PDF forms can be listed and organized on the website.

***Calendar of Events***
Holidays and specific dates can be highlighted on the website.

***Contact information***
Contact information can be added to a sidebar which will appear on every page. This makes navigating the website a lot easier and ensures a user can easily find the information they need.

     ***FTP hosting***
FTP server provided for large file transfer.