Why your GIS staff should attend BIS TechCon 2016

The BIS TechCon 2016 will be taking place from November 29 to December 2, 2016, in Frisco, Texas. This year our theme is “Be a Game Changer” and as part of our focus, we will be running a number of events geared toward GIS Technicians. GIS Technicians play a vital part in our industry: their skill-sets include digitizing maps, customizing and manipulating databases, and utilizing applications to suit the purpose. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies and opportunities; part of our TechCon 2016 is devoted to empowering GIS Technicians to make the most of their role.
We will be demonstrating existing and new interactive mapping tools, as well as related products designed to maximize the efficiency of the GIS department. This will include showcasing best practice for submitting deeds, introducing new products to help the technicians get even more out of GIS, and how to maximize revenue through data analysis. We will also be holding a roundtable Q&A for all attending GIS Technicians, together with our own experts, where we expect a lively and intelligent discussion amongst like-minded peers. Your GIS team won’t want to miss this event! For more information, you can register here.