Howard CAD GIS Case Study

Original paper mapThe GIS conversion project for Howard CAD included the conversion of their existing GIS data, scanning over 300 large paper maps to digital format and publishing the final product to an interactive mapping system. Howard CAD initially used older mapping software to maintain over 22,000 real properties. However, it did not overlay any aerial images or integrate with their CAMA records. It was also discovered through a data analysis that the parcel boundaries did not match the aerial imagery by over 100 feet.

BIS Consulting was able to reconstruct Howard CAD’s base map using the information from old paper maps. These maps were able to provide accurate dimensions as well as historical lot and block information for each city. The historical layer provides valuable information and is included as part of BIS Consulting’s standard GIS database.

GIS Data Conversion

After the parcel base map was completed, it was scanned for topological accuracy and integrated with the ownership information from Howard CAD’s CAMA software. A subdivision layer, city limits layer, abstract layer, and streets layer were also created as part of the final base map. All of these layers were then published to an interactive map online. The appraisers at Howard CAD were able to quickly benefit from this technology by accessing information in the field using the GPS signal on their smart phone or tablet. Taxpayers, private companies, and city employees are also benefiting from this technology by exporting ownership information, printing, and drawing directly on the map!

Howard CAD continues to pursue innovation through new technology and increasing their efficiency with GIS. If you would like to learn more about the project at Howard CAD or speak with our GIS team, please contact us today!

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Howard CAD Interactive Map

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