Protest Time Is Around The Corner

It’s the start of the busiest time of year for most appraisal districts…protest time. At BIS Consulting we want to help make sure that you are prepared and have everything ready so you are able to smoothly get through this crazy time of year.

How does BIS help Appraisal Districts remove some of the headache of Protest season?

We’ve created Online Protest Software that is easy for the taxpayer and district but is packed with helpful features. BIS works with you and your printer to create Pins for e-protest accounts. In addition to this if you are an IT client our team will contact you and make sure your projector, computer and audio recording equipment is ready for protest season.

If you are currently an e-protest client you will be receiving an email with some very important information.

If you aren’t an e-protest client yet, click here to learn more.  Or better yet contact one of our current e-protest clients and ask them about it.

For more information contact