BIS Consulting Completes Reeves County GIS Data Production

Stephanie, one of our GIS Technician IIs, is currently putting the finishing touches to Reeves County’s GIS data after a year of dedicated work. This time last year, Reeves’ data was out-of-date and Stephanie has amended the original data using a combination of DGN data, aerial photography, and legal descriptions for each property in order to restore each layer. She has corrected parcel, road, abstracts, lot lines, and city limit layers to where they are representing the correct boundaries.
Currently, the BIS GIS team is working closely with Reeves County Appraisal District for the “post production clean up” stage. The team has created a grid index and map book for the County Appraisal District to research unmapped accounts and submit corrections. The project is nearing completion and once the mapping data has been finalized, Reeves County will be compliant with the state requirements to maintain an up-to-date map accessible for the public, which is stored as a shapefile. There are several benefits of completing the project over and above complying with the legislation. Maps stored as shapefiles are easily manipulated and queried in sophisticated ways to produce reports and information much quicker and efficiently than before.