TAAD conference 2012

BIS Consulting will be attending the 2012 TAAD Conference, and would like you to stop by our Booth (booth 28) to visit. We appreciate our clients and future clients, so we have chosen a special gift for you, to show our token of appreciation. BIS will also have a drawing for our famous cowboy wooden coolers. Once you stop by we would be happy to answer your questions about our IT and GIS services. Feel free, while you are at the conference, to locate a few of our clients and ask them why they like working with BIS.

Here are just a few offices that rely on BIS for GIS and /or IT Consulting:
o Hunt CAD – Brent – Website Hosting, IT Consulting, Online GIS Maps, Offsite Backups, Property Search, Online Protest

o Gaines CAD – Gayla – GIS Mapping

o Hunt Tax – Wayne – IT maintenance, Offsite backups, Web Hosting – http://www.hctax.info

o Austin CAD – Richard – IT services, Offsite backups

o Brookshire Municipal Water District – Lindsey – Web Hosting

o Anderson CAD – Carson – IT Maintenance, Offsite backups

o Upshur CAD – Sarah – IT Maintenance, Website Hosting

o Titus CAD – Doug – GIS, IT, Offsite backups, Web Hosting

Further clients can be found here – http://best-it-shop.com/references/