BIS Consulting Sponsors TAAO & ICTA Conference 2017

The TAAO & ICTA Conference is described as “the premier event for all property tax professionals in Texas.” The theme for this year is “Smooth Sailing.” The TAAO & ICTA Conference will take place Sunday, August 27 to Wednesday, August 30 at the Omni Corpus Christi hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas. There is a wide and varied series of presentations on a number of topics, including our very own Britt and Brandon, as well as some less serious events. There’s a golf tournament, a Fun Run, yoga class, and ice cream! If you haven’t signed up to participate, we recommend you visit this website and complete the registration form.

Register for the Fun Run or Yoga Class and note that you were referred by BIS to receive a freebie!

We are proud to sponsor the conference again, and the sponsorship includes the brochure, the Flight Simulator, and the band that you’ll be able to watch aboard the USS Lexington. Oh? Didn’t we mention that there’s a live band aboard the USS Lexington?! We have a stand at booth #9, next door to our partners, Thomas Y. Pickett and Certified Payments. This year, we have designed a “Popeye the Sailor Man” booth and theme to go along with Smooth Sailing, be sure to check it out! You might want to bring along some spinach as we will be lending our own unique lean on Smooth Sailing! At our booth, you can learn about BIS Consulting and what we do. We’ll be showcasing our new free TAAO Chapters website, which has been built to allow local chapters of TAAO to publish their meeting agendas and notes.

If you feel the need… the need for speed… be sure to join Lt. Pete Mitchell and Lt. Nick Bradshaw – that’s callsigns Maverick and Goose – on the USS Lexington, where we will be handing out freebies to all you budding US Navy aviators out there!

As you can see, we are all very excited to be back at the TAAO & ICTA Conference. We hope to see you there, sailors!

Look for us and our booth neighbors TYP and Certified Payments!