BIS Consulting’s GIS Team is now providing Wharton County’s 911 Addressing Interactive Map!

BIS Consulting is pleased to announce that Wharton County’s 911 Addressing Office has joined the BIS family, and we are now providing them with our GIS Interactive Map! The 911 Addressing Office uses a very specific way of recording address information, which is applied across the entire county. There are two ways the 911 Addressing Office database is structured for the most accurate and useful of information. The first is that route and box numbers have been replaced with numerical street address information. Street addresses are assigned according to the distance a building is along a given road, with each mile divided into 1,000 numbers. As such, a structure that is 0.3 of a mile along a street will have an address of 300. Additionally, even numbers are on the right side of the road and odd numbers are on the left.
The database contains address information for both businesses and residences, and is used by the United States Postal Service, local businesses (such as delivery companies), and of course, citizens by making it easy to locate properties and buildings. We are very pleased that our GIS team has been entrusted with this critical information, and being given this responsibility will continue to highlight the strength and depth of experience within our team!
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