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Williamson Central Appraisal District Offers New Website and Online Forms Submission Service

We are pleased to announce that Williamson Central Appraisal District has upgraded their BIS Consulting services to include our latest generation website and online forms submission services. For this project, we migrated Williamson CAD’s existing extensive website content across to the new platform, updating and recreating as necessary. We also custom designed a number of forms relative to their office. Williamson CAD’s information and online forms submission portal are now fully accessible from the website here: http://www.wcad.org/. Additional features of these two new services include compatibility on smart devices! This means that property owners can have the convenience of completing and submitting their forms on almost any internet-connected device, without needing to use a laptop or desktop computer!

Williamson CAD is one of a small number of appraisal district offices in Texas recognized by the IAAO with the prestigious Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration. This means the office applies and integrates the best appraisal district industry practices. For property owners, this means he or she should receive the most comprehensive and helpful service from the office including all communication, such as telephone calls, email, and website browsing.

With this in mind, Williamson CAD’s website has been designed to make it very easy and clear to find additional information about the office, including a list of all online services, community outreach projects, public information database, and organizational transparency documents. In addition to hosting Williamson CAD’s website, BIS Consulting also provides the appraisal office with IT support, by offering IT maintenance and data backup and recovery services.

We are honored to have been chosen to provide the website design, hosting and technology support of Williamson CAD! As their website and technology service provider, we must also adhere to the IAAO’s standards and expectations. Are you interested in using the same foundations for your own website? Do you need the very best IT support and maintenance? If so, you can call us on 800-247-9045 or drop us an email at admin@bisconsultants.com and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Throckmorton County Appraisal District’s New Website Now Live!

BIS Consulting is pleased to announce that Throckmorton County Appraisal District’s new website is now live! Throckmorton CAD began using BIS’s email hosting service in the summer of 2016, but have since decided to utilize our new generation website! BIS Consulting’s new website theme has been re-designed from the ground to be fast, easily accessible, and compatible on all devices ranging from smartphones to desktop computers. The new website contains a variety of useful information for property owners such as how to contact the appraisal office, important dates and related to property taxes, and an extensive library of forms. Be sure to visit the website here http://www.throckmortoncad.org/
If you would like to talk to BIS Consulting about getting your very own website, please contact us at admin@bisconsultants.com or 1-800-247-9045.

BIS Consulting Attending 2017 TAAD Conference February 19th – 22nd

BIS Consulting will be attending the 2017 TAAD (Texas Association of Appraisal Districts) Conference held from Sunday, February 19th to Wednesday, February 22nd. This year the TAAD Conference is at the Houston Marriott Westchase Hotel and registration opens at midday on Sunday afternoon. The conference will include discussions of the latest appraisal legislation, how to engage “Generation Y” with amazing customer service, advice on how to work with different generations in the workplace, and a presentation of the change in land prices because of a fall in oil and gas production.
BIS Consulting is proud to be sponsor the TAAD Conference for 2017, and will be presenting a trade booth where you can meet some of the team to talk about our latest products, services and propositions, including our GIS Mapping, Property Search, and Online Protest services. We can demonstrate our new website theme that works on all smart devices, as well as discuss our use of Dell’s scalable PowerVault servers. The PowerVault server uses virtualization for maximum reliability, resulting in minimal downtime for you and your property owners. If you are planning to attend the TAAD Conference, please visit our booth and say hello! We hope to see you there!

Reeves County Appraisal District Upgrading Services

Last year, our GIS department worked with Reeves CAD in order to update their GIS database and ensure it was compliant with Texas state legislation. The update included keeping the database accessible for the public. Following the successful conclusion of the database updating operation, Reeves CAD transitioned to our GIS Maintenance service in order to keep the database up to date going forward. Reeves CAD was very happy with our service and have now adopted our GIS Interactive Map, Property Search, and Website Hosting services, which are currently live! Reeves CAD is using our new and improved website. Check it out! http://www.reevescad.org/
For additional information about our services, drop us an email at admin@bisconsultants.com or call us at 800-247-9045.

BIS Consulting provided Complete Network Installation for Thomas Y. Pickett & Company

Complete Network Installation for Thomas Y. Pickett & Company
You may have heard that BIS Consulting offers a full IT management service. We can cover everything from server maintenance and equipment installations to software upgrades and network monitoring. Last October, BIS was contracted by Thomas Y. Pickett & Company (TYP) for a complete turn-key network installation. TYP relocated their corporate office to Addison Tower and was in need of a network upgrade to support their growing staff and to meet future objectives. The result was a top of the line network, ideal for a small growing corporate office. The project included 150 CAT6e data ports, 3 Dell N2000 Family Switches, 2 Sonicwall TZ400s, Unifi distributed Wi-Fi, and a fiber internet connection to support the network. Ten new Dell workstations rounded out the end user portion of the system. BIS flawlessly completed the entire project in less than 3 weeks, thanks to their team of talented IT experts.
TYP is a business partner of BIS Consulting and attended our 2016 TechCon. As a sponsor and exhibitor, they took all attendees on a field trip to their office to showcase their new place and what BIS had done for them.
Do you have an IT hardware or software project where you would like the reassurance of professional, qualified, friendly and approachable technicians? Contact BIS Consulting to discuss your needs. We can cover all aspects of your IT project, including the design and planning of an upgrade, the installation, and any additional training or support you may need afterward.
For additional information about our IT services, drop us an email at admin@bisconsultants.com or call us at 800-247-9045.

Brookshire Municipal Water District is Now Using Three GIS Services from BIS Consulting!

Brookshire Municipal Water District now using BIS Consulting's GIS Interactive Map and GIS Maintenance service
BIS Consulting is excited to announce our first Water District GIS client! The Brookshire Municipal Water District has been using our website design and hosting service for two years now, and have recently added three new services from our GIS team: GIS Production, GIS Maintenance, and the GIS Interactive Map. These services will include the process of migrating their existing water and sewage lines from paper maps and plans into a new digital format database. Once the initial GIS Production task has been completed and all of the Brookshire Municipal Water District’s data is held via electronic means, the information will be made available through an internal GIS Interactive Map accessible from within the Brookshire Municipal office. Finally, our GIS team will be maintaining the database on an ongoing basis to ensure that the information is kept up to date.
For additional information about our GIS services, drop us an email at admin@bisconsultants.com or call us at 800-247-9045.

BIS Consulting Welcomes Gillespie Central Appraisal District!

Gillespie Central Appraisal District now using BIS Consulting's GIS Interactive Map and GIS Maintenance service
BIS Consulting is pleased to welcome the Gillespie Central Appraisal District to our family as a new client! Gillespie CAD has elected to go with our GIS Maintenance and GIS Interactive Map services, which means our GIS team will take over the management and updating of their existing mapping database as well as providing the interactive web-based map solution.
For additional information about our GIS services, drop us an email at admin@bisconsultants.com or call us at 800-247-9045.

Happy New Year 2017: BIS Consulting 2016 in Review

BIS Consulting's Year in Review for 2016
The New Year can be a time for quiet reflection upon the previous twelve months with a view to looking at the coming year. Much like 2015, 2016 was a busy year for BIS Consulting. Let’s take a look…
BIS Consulting GIS Database Clean upIn March of 2016, the GIS team completed a database clean-up operation, the culmination of many hours of work. The operation removed over fifty thousand errors from over thirty counties in the database, which made the maps look better and improved the reliability and performance of working with the mapping data and queries.
In April, BIS Consulting introduced a temporary new British manager who gave the existing joint Chief Executives, Britt Martin and Brandon Kay, “the heave ho.” Plans for BIS Consulting included insisting drivers use the left side of the street, “sidewalks” be renamed as “pavements” and at least two “roundabouts” (traffic circles) installed in the vicinity of the office. Fortunately, the management change was an April Fool’s joke. Gotcha!
BIS Consulting Troy Sloan Good Neighbor Award2016 was a busy year for conferences. The team attended or supported the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts Annual Conference (TAAD), the 82nd Tax Assessor-Collectors Association Conference (TACA), the TAAO & ICTA Annual Conference, and the 26th Annual SCAUG. We also attended and sponsored the Texas Rural Chief Appraisers Conference (TRCA) where, Britt Martin and Brandon Kay, were awarded the Troy Sloan Good Neighbor Award. Rounding off the year, we held our very own TechCon, which ran at the end of November to early December. For the TechCon 2016, we had a number of special guests, including Sterling Harris, Chad Prather, and Luke Wade.
BIS Consulting Develops New Website Theme for Texas County Appraisal DistrictsIn October, we unveiled our new website theme, which our development and marketing teams had been working on for some considerable time. Not only does the new theme look beautiful, but is now fully compatible on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers. We will be beginning the new website theme migration process in the second quarter of 2017.
Of course, the BIS team has been busy working for and with our clients! During the year, we have replaced old servers and infrastructure across the state with new equipment, as well as welcoming Cooke County, Navarro County, Schleicher County, and Van Zandt County, plus many others, to our family!

City of Brookshire Now Using GIS Interactive Map

City of Brookshire Now Using BIS Consulting's GIS Interactive Map
During a recent visit to the Brookshire Municipal Water District, the Mayor of Brookshire, Eric Scott, recognized Britt, Brandon, and Kenneth from BIS Consulting and started a discussion about the services that could be offered to him. As a result of that discussion, the City of Brookshire has now adopted the GIS Interactive Map Service, which uses Waller County Appraisal District’s existing database, but makes it accessible within the City of Brookshire offices. The City office is using our GIS Interactive Map for the most up-to-date city boundary and parcel information as part of their plan to smartly and strategically develop the City of Brookshire, which is just thirty miles away from Houston, America’s fourth largest city.
For additional information about our GIS services, drop us an email at admin@bisconsultants.com or call us at 800-247-9045.

BIS Consulting’s GIS Team is now providing Wharton County’s 911 Addressing Interactive Map!

BIS Consulting is pleased to announce that Wharton County’s 911 Addressing Office has joined the BIS family, and we are now providing them with our GIS Interactive Map! The 911 Addressing Office uses a very specific way of recording address information, which is applied across the entire county. There are two ways the 911 Addressing Office database is structured for the most accurate and useful of information. The first is that route and box numbers have been replaced with numerical street address information. Street addresses are assigned according to the distance a building is along a given road, with each mile divided into 1,000 numbers. As such, a structure that is 0.3 of a mile along a street will have an address of 300. Additionally, even numbers are on the right side of the road and odd numbers are on the left.
The database contains address information for both businesses and residences, and is used by the United States Postal Service, local businesses (such as delivery companies), and of course, citizens by making it easy to locate properties and buildings. We are very pleased that our GIS team has been entrusted with this critical information, and being given this responsibility will continue to highlight the strength and depth of experience within our team!
For more information about our GIS capabilities and how we can help your office, please give us a call at: 800-247-9045 or email us at: admin@bisconsultants.com

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