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BIS Welcomes Three New Clients: Navarro, Moore, and San Saba County Appraisal Districts!

BIS Consulting would like to extend a warm welcome to our three newest clients: Navarro Central Appraisal District, Moore County Appraisal District, and San Saba County Appraisal District! These three counties have signed up for a number of different services. The Navarro Central Appraisal District is now benefiting from multiple services including ProActive IT Maintenance and Support, Automated Backups, Website Hosting, Interactive Map, Online Protest, and Property Search.
Moore County Appraisal District is also benefiting from our Interactive Map, Property Search, and Website Hosting services, but they have also added GIS Maintenance. San Saba County Appraisal District has opted for our GIS Production, GIS Maintenance, Interactive Map, Property Search, and Website Hosting services after detailed discussions with our Client Relations personnel, Sterling Harris. As part of San Saba’s GIS Production service, the county will be switching to a digital map service, and BIS Consulting will be converting all of their existing paper maps to the new digital format.
For more information about our range of IT, GIS, and Sites services, you can call us at: 800-247-9045 or email us at: admin@bisconsultants.com

Zavala County Appraisal District Gets The New BIS Website Theme

BIS Consulting is very pleased to announce that our latest website has now gone live! The Zavala County Appraisal District is our first website client to receive the new, upgraded, and improved BIS website theme! The new theme includes an improved and easier to use site layout and a revised color scheme. Behind the scenes, our developers have completely optimized the browser experience for smartphones and other mobile devices by making the websites much faster and more user-friendly on the small screens!

We are in the process of migrating our existing websites to the new theme, and we will be starting with the Property Search and Online Protest webpages first. The entire migration project is expected to be complete by the end of March 2017. If you are joining us at the BIS Consulting TechCon from November 29th through December 2nd, we will have a full demo of the new website theme! We will also provide some training on how to make website changes and updates within the new theme. If you are interested in attending the conference, be sure to contact us! For now, you can visit the new Zavala CAD website here: www.zavalacad.com

BIS Consulting Are At The 23rd Annual Texas Rural Chief Appraiser’s Conference

The 23rd Annual Texas Rural Chief Appraiser’s Conference is being held from November 13th through 15th at The Omni Hotel in Southpark, Austin. This year the TRCA is running a range of presentations on topics as diverse as “Finding the Funny in Change” and “Oil & Gas in a Downturned Economy.” As a proud partner of the TRCA, BIS Consulting is once again designing and hosting the conference scheduling application that will be available to attendees free of charge for all smartphones. The scheduler app provides attendees a customized, personal schedule for the entire conference, information on the venue and a directory of the sponsors, presenters and attendees. The application can even connect with your social media accounts, which is great for sharing information, and getting to know the other attendees to help build your network of like-minded industry contacts.
In addition to providing the schedule app, BIS Consulting is also proud to support the TRCA conference by providing the signs and banners. If you are attending the conference, or would like to know more, be sure to visit trcai.org/conference.

BIS Consulting Completes Reeves County GIS Data Production

Stephanie, one of our GIS Technician IIs, is currently putting the finishing touches to Reeves County’s GIS data after a year of dedicated work. This time last year, Reeves’ data was out-of-date and Stephanie has amended the original data using a combination of DGN data, aerial photography, and legal descriptions for each property in order to restore each layer. She has corrected parcel, road, abstracts, lot lines, and city limit layers to where they are representing the correct boundaries.
Currently, the BIS GIS team is working closely with Reeves County Appraisal District for the “post production clean up” stage. The team has created a grid index and map book for the County Appraisal District to research unmapped accounts and submit corrections. The project is nearing completion and once the mapping data has been finalized, Reeves County will be compliant with the state requirements to maintain an up-to-date map accessible for the public, which is stored as a shapefile. There are several benefits of completing the project over and above complying with the legislation. Maps stored as shapefiles are easily manipulated and queried in sophisticated ways to produce reports and information much quicker and efficiently than before.

BIS Consulting Design Custom Tax Collection Website For Comal County

BIS Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a new tax invoicing system, built and customized for the Comal County WORD (Water Oriented Recreation District). The new system has the ability to handle either monthly or quarterly sales, whereby a business is able to input their business type, line details, and of course, sales for items such as dry boat storage, rafting tour guides and similar. The website calculates the taxes owed. For a business with no sales, owners or accountants can input a zero balance, allowing you to report no sales rather than appearing as delinquent. Additionally, the website will generate a tax statement, if necessary. This can be printed for record keeping. In order to pay the tax, a business can either mail in the payment or pay online. The ability to pay online is provided by our business partner, Certified Payments. Since 1992, they have been an industry leader in providing highly secured government agency payments online.
In addition to the website, the BIS Consulting custom application also includes a management console that is able to track payments made and display those businesses having paid their taxes. The console also allows Comal County to add or remove businesses, revoke permits if the taxes are not paid, and track the status of existing permits. The county is expecting the new system to dramatically streamline the process of businesses filing their sales and calculating their tax bills. The website and application will be going live on January 1, 2017.
Do you need a similar customized application setting up on your website? If so, please contact BIS Consulting at 800-247-9045 or email us at admin@bisconsultants.com.

BIS TechCon 2016 – Schedule App is Here!

The BIS TechCon 2016 is based around “Be a Game Changer” and will be running from November 29 to December 2 in Frisco, Texas. You and your staff will be able to learn about the latest industry developments, from open carry laws for the office to updating your website. You will also be able to listen to special guest Chad Prather, Sterling Harris, and Luke Wade. To help you get the most from our TechCon, we are pleased to announce the release of our BIS Consulting Schedule App, built around providing attendees a personal, customized schedule for the entire conference.
The Schedule App also offers so much more! After signing into the application, class materials are instantly available, making it much easier to have information in hand. The Schedule App also integrates with your smartphone or tablet calendar applications and can also send you email reminders of when and where you need to be for the next talk. In addition, there is a complete directory of other attendees, sponsors, and the venue. The Schedule App will also connect to your social media accounts, which is great for getting to know the other attendees to help build your network of like-minded industry contacts.

From any device, simply go to: schedule.bisconsultants.com

The BIS TechCon Schedule App is available for all devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows. No downloading or installation required. If you are viewing this on your smartphone, tap below to take you to the app entry.

IT Solutions Summer Projects 2016

Over the last few months, we’ve been upgrading servers and infrastructure across the state. We have added four clients. In alphabetical order, Cooke County signed up for IT Maintenance including server support and backups. We replaced Hill County’s server and the new machine comes with IT Maintenance and Support. We also replaced the network infrastructure and upgraded the boardroom with audio-visual equipment. Navarro County is now enjoying our competitive email and website hosting services and Schleicher County is benefiting from our IT Maintenance and Automated Backup plans.
The IT team has also been busy working with our existing clients on three major projects. Delta County replaced their workstations and server, as did Rockwall County. Rockwall also took advantage of the planned downtime to upgrade their network infrastructure with a new rack, switches, and router for a faster, more reliable connection. Finally, Walker County also replaced their terminals and added Microsoft Office 365.
Throughout the summer and despite the busy schedule, the IT team have kept their smiles and can-do attitude! To learn more about our IT services and what they can do for you, you can visit our IT services website page or call us on 800-247-9045.

Game Changer Guest: Sterling Harris

BIS Consulting is proud to present Sterling Harris, formerly of the General Land Office, as a special guest at the 2016 TechCon. Born, raised and educated in Texas, Sterling retired in late 2015 after a long and successful career in the GIS industry, which seemingly started by accident during the 1980’s slowdown in the oil sector. At the time, Sterling worked for Clayton Williams and was involved in mapping the oil and gas pipelines, but moved to work for the State of Texas in the mid 1980s. In 1991, the GLO formed an Oil Spill Response Division, which required a GIS system.
Sterling was involved in this game changing project from the beginning and later became the GIS manager in 1999. The Oil Spill Response project required many disciplines ranging from technical mapping and oil industry expertise to obtaining grant funding; it collated geographic information such as environmental sensitivity. Disaster teams use this database for important information such as wildlife habits. This is just one of Sterling’s projects, which all have a common theme: making life easier for people. Sterling considers his greatest achievement to be in creating a usable GIS enterprise system, which is used today across multiple state departments.
Sterling tells us that the most rewarding part of working in the GIS industry has been the people behind the technologies and systems. Join us at the TechCon to hear more about his experience working permanently changing the industry for the better.

Why your office admin staff should attend BIS TechCon 2016

Our client’s offices contain many different experts in their fields, such as property tax professionals, appraisers, GIS technicians, IT technicians, and administrators. When it comes to supporting our clients, BIS Consulting recognizes it is important to support all parts of your office – this includes your team of professional administrators. This team supports everything from helping taxpayers and filing exemptions to answering the phone and updating your website. In short, they keep things running smoothly. BIS Consulting’s 2016 TechCon has the theme “Be a Game Changer” and this means including a number of sessions to help this vital part of your office. Sessions will include an Exemptions roundtable for an open discussion with peers and exemption specialists, an educational session regarding “open carry” in the office, and hands-on demonstrations of products. Demonstrations will include Windows 10 and the recently released Anniversary Update, as well as Microsoft Office 365.
Our classes will also include Game-Changing Customer Services, an introduction to some of the free tools available to streamline and improve processes. We will be paying particular attention in how to update your BIS-hosted website. Even if you are not able to receive CE credits or TACA credits, you can still receive the Customer Service class certificate for your M.A.P.S. reviewer. In short, the BIS 2016 TechCon will help your office team better understand how to deliver world-class customer service! For more information or to register for the TechCon, which will be from November 29 to December 2, 2016, in Frisco, Texas, follow this link.

Why your IT staff should attend BIS TechCon 2016

We live in an ever-changing world, where technology is advancing so quickly it’s difficult to keep up with developments. Technology today enables us to do more, in less time. However, it requires maintenance and investment. Our clients have devoted IT teams essential to keep things running smoothly but these teams also need to be kept in the loop. This is where BIS Consulting’s 2016 TechCon can help. This year, our theme is “Be a Game Changer” and we are teaching a number of classes designed for your IT department.
At our TechCon, your IT team will be able to sit and talk with trained professionals from Microsoft. We will be demonstrating and showcasing some of the key features and benefits of Windows 10, including the recently released Anniversary Update. We will also be covering Microsoft Office 365 and discussing some of the free tools and services available for IT teams to help maximize productivity and efficiency. In order to help keep your team up-to-date with ongoing developments in the industry, we will be talking about some new products currently under development and provide some insight into how we bring these projects from the drawing board to users in the field.
So why should you run the risk of letting your IT nerds leave the office and come to the BIS TechCon? Because you can’t afford to not keep your IT staff trained and up-to-date with the latest developments and technology. In turn, you will get the most from the rest of your office. Your team will have unlimited access to the knowledge these professionals carry with them from their years of experience. The BIS TechCon will be being held in Frisco, Texas, between November 29 to the December 2.

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