Crane County Signs Up for the GIS Lease Service!

At BIS Consulting, we welcome the State of Texas requirements for the production and maintenance of digital mapping data. This helps ensure that taxpayers are charged the fair and appropriate amount of tax for their property. When Brandon Kay and Britt Martin established BIS Consulting, one of the cornerstones of the business was to provide the small-budget appraisal districts with the same level of customer service and technologies as the larger appraisal districts. Over the years, we have evolved and refined our products to stay true to this mission and keep up with the latest standards and requirements from organizations such as the IAAO and the State of Texas. Earlier in 2017, and in accordance with the IAAO’s new “Standard on Digital Cadastral Maps and Parcel Identifiers” recommendations, our GIS department introduced the GIS Lease product.

Our GIS Lease product is available to districts of 10,000 parcels or less in size. The product is based around the premise of providing an accurate and up-to-date approved-standard Digital Cadastral Map for appraisal districts in a highly cost effective way. The digital map is built using the ShapeFiles format, based upon the county’s existing reference material in high quality DGN or KMZ format. Providing the county has our two year GIS Maintenance service contract, we can provide the service and the appraisal district receives the GIS Production and GIS Interactive Map as part of the GIS Lease solution, valued at over $20,000! This unique solution allows smaller districts to afford full fledged GIS Production.

BIS Consulting is pleased to announce that Crane County Appraisal District has joined the BIS family. Crane has signed up for our GIS Maintenance service, incorporating the GIS Lease service, together with our website design and hosting package. Our GIS and website teams are busy preparing these services for Crane CAD and they will be coming soon to a web browser near you!

Do you work for a small county and are you in need of GIS Production? If so, please contact our GIS Manager on or on 800-247-9045.