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Deed Research

Do you have double assessed property in your county? Are you sure?

We know every appraisal district tries their best to avoid double assessing properties. It can be a nightmare for every party involved, not to mention very costly on both ends. Even though it is everyone’s goal to not double assess, the truth is sometimes it happens. Appraisal districts are stretched so thin with staffing and budget that there is never a time or resource to tackle this time consuming project.


BIS Consulting has a solution for you! We are now offering an affordable service to research and verify that you are not double assessing. You simply need to provide us with a spreadsheet of accounts you think may be double assessed, and our team will take your project, do all the necessary research, and report the results back to you.


Give us a call or send us an email to get more information on how we can help you obtain peace of mind knowing your county ownership records are accurate.


If you have other items to research such as missing ownership on unidentified properties, verification of ownership or UDI’s, multiple owners, etc., we can quote these projects out as well.


BIS is proud to continue to provide affordable and necessary solutions for you and your staff. Let us handle the research…you’ve got enough on your plate!


Contact us today for a quote (800)247-9045 or deedsupport@bisconsultants.com

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