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Deed Support

BIS Deed Support is ready to help you tackle those pesky, difficult deeds.

Need a deed sketched out onto a map to help identify the location? Not sure which property is being transferred?


Send us the deed and we will work on identifying it for you! We can even provide support when your deed workload has overwhelmed your office. Our team will read the deed, identify the property, and return it to your office for the ownership transfer. With all the confusing deed information translated and the hard work of identifying parcels completed, your staff can easily and quickly complete the ownership transfer.


Add Deed Support to your budget today! This support is billed on an hourly basis; the more hours you buy the bigger your discount is. Whether you just need occasional help or you’re in between deed clerks and just need a helping hand, the BIS Deed Support team is ready to assist you.


This is a retainer service; hours do not carry over to the next year.


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