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GIS Consulting

Need help with an upcoming enterprise GIS decision? Technical support or system evaluation? Or trying to leverage your bid?

Our GIS Consulting Services are tailored to fit any need. We specialize in Esri software and the design, installation, integration, configuration and performance of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE. If you are an IT leader that needs help with an upcoming enterprise GIS decision, technical support or system evaluation we can help. If you are the business leader that is just starting to explore all of the possibilities related to Geographic Information Systems, or a GIS professional that needs some support, a second opinion or assistance of any kind we are available to help.


While we currently manage more than 80 ArcGIS Server based Map Services, over 40 web mapping applications, over 50 SQL/SDE Geodatabases with a load of over 50 Million annual web transactions on our own system we really thrive in making sure our clients have a successful GIS program and a positive return on investment.


 Our GIS consulting projects


 Planned, led and successfully completed the migration and upgrade of large scale, multi-server GIS from Esri version 10 to 10.2.2


 Designed, planned, implemented, configured and built an Esri enterprise GIS for a large publicly traded company that spanned 3 states and 6 offices, with a budget of $1.2M while coming in under time and under budget.


 Conducted the comprehensive review, analysis, documentation and report on multiple organizations to include one of North America’s largest private oil and gas companies.


 As part of a larger Agile development effort, built a 16 core, high availability Esri ArcGIS Server based routing system used by one of North America’s largest marketing companies for crew scheduling and optimization resulting in an annual savings of over $7M.

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