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GIS Lease

Free GIS Production and Interactive Map

Work with BIS on a GIS Lease and get the power of digital parcel data in ShapeFile format. This is a one-of-a-kind service BIS has put together to help small budget CADs meet the state requirements for digital data.

BIS’s mission is to bring the latest and best technologies to all CADs, regardless of size or budget. Let us help your office meet the digital maps state requiremnets – for FREE! CAD must meet specific qualifications; see below.

GIS Lease?

A GIS Lease from BIS will allow us to create digital maps from your current reference material.

  • No cost to the CAD for GIS Production.
  • Receive a free GIS Interactive Map.


Why go digital?

ShapeFiles will easily allow you to have interactive online and mobile maps.

  • Visually view the account roll.
  • Digital is now a state requirement.


Why ShapeFiles over DGN / KMZ?

ShapeFiles will help you get answers from your data quickly.

  • Query data fast.
  • Understand stats like which properties were appraised last year.
  • Conduct better analysis.
  • Unlock the limitations KMZs and DGNs have in web applications.


Who qualifies?

  • CAD’s existing data format must be in high quality DGN or KMZ format.
  • County can be no larger than approx. 10,000 parcels.
  • Two-year GIS Maintenance service contract required but you will be receiving GIS Production and a GIS Interactive Map for free (a $20,400.00 value).


Please call our GIS Manager if you would like to learn more. (800)247-9045 or email at GISsupport@bisconsultants.com

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