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GIS Support

Are your GIS teams stressed, overworked, lack some experience or have temporary staff member changes? BIS can help.

Either from our office in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or even on-site, if the urgent and temporary need arises we can provide professional resources to get you through a difficult period.
BIS provides pre-paid annual GIS Support agreements. With this agreement, the company, agency, team or even just a single GIS team member has access to our highly trained and experienced enterprise GIS department, including GIS Manager and GIS System Administrator level services.


 We are Esri subject matter experts


  •  GIS technical assistance
  •  GIS data acquisition
  •  Creation
  •  Editing
  •  Layer creation
  •  Map making
  •  AGO assistance
  •  ArcServer
  •  ArcSDE
  •  Hardware
  •  Software

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