Imagery Solutions

Traditionally, collecting overhead imagery for large swaths of land was time consuming and extremely costly. We want you to know that those days are over. BIS has partnered with aerial mapping specialist Beacon Aviation to provide the highest quality aerial imagery, with extremely fast product delivery, at the lowest possible cost. This imagery can be integrated into any business solution to help your mapping and data needs.

BIS was provided an opportunity to team up with a remote sensing company, Beacon Aviation. Beacon is located out of Wood County Texas and has been providing aerial imagery services for over 20 years. Beacon has two planes equipped with camera’s and geo-location technology that provides imagery at 6” or better resolutions with survey grade level of accuracy.

BIS will utilize our suite of GIS skills and products to take Beacon’s imagery to the next level for our customers. Using our GIS software, we can process and build an image service that can be brought into our online web maps or their desktop software. Our customers then access their web map or desktop software and then click through the basemap selector to choose the imagery they want to view. They can then view other GIS data layers that overlay the image service.

With this partnership, Beacon will be able to capture the images and provide us the ortho-rectified image file within two weeks of a flight. We will be able to process that image and have it added to a customers map within a week or two. This means that our customers will have the information they need within weeks not months or even years like many of the other providers deliver.

For more information contact our GIS department HERE.