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State M.A.P.S. Review Questions

State M.A.P.S. Review Questions for GIS

  • Specify geographic areas to be mapped:
  • The specific geographic area that will be mapped is all areas that are within our county boundary. We identify all properties that need to be mapped within our county. These changes are submitted to BIS who maintains our GIS data.

  • Process for constructing basemaps and aerial images:
  • The construction and maintenance of the basemaps are handle by our GIS vendor BIS Consulting. Attached is a maintenance workflow provided by BIS. All aerial images are provided by a 3rd party imagery vendor such as Pictometry or Esri.

  • Specifics of digital deliverables – file formats, map data/layers, annotation and attribution, metadata, and expected map accuracy:
  • The data formats that we have at our office are in Esri shapefile format. Map data layers are as following: ownership, parcels, lot lines, subdivisions, city limits, and abstracts. All this data is updated on our server on a weekly basis by BIS. All data uses attribution for tabular information. The GIS data that we have does not have metadata or annotations. BIS sends us a missing accounts list and missing parcels map on a requested basis so that we may improve our map accuracy. BIS also sends us monthly maintenance reports that inform us of our total real accounts number and our parcel count. In this report, they inform us of our Map Completion Percentage and our Parcels Mapped Percentage.

  • For cadastral compilation – procedures to be followed in researching parcel boundary information and resolving gaps, overlaps, and closure errors:
  • For resolving gaps, overlaps, and closure errors, BIS uses an Esri software topology tool. Topology defines and enforces data integrity rules. In doing so, BIS is able to quickly query any overlaps or gaps. Making for a cleaner and presentable map for our tax payers. All research is handled by our staff but BIS does have a Deed Support team that we may use to assist us in parcel boundary research. For procedures, please see the attached deed procedure standards.


State M.A.P.S. Review Backup Policy

The Client maintains two encrypted file-level backup data storage servers. One server is located onsite in the computer room and the other server is located in Dallas, Texas at the BIS secured storage site. BIS also has secured repositories in the East and West coast in which the data is replicated. Data is backed up nightly to the in-house server and spooled out to the BIS server for secure storage. In the event of a disaster, BIS will restore data from the local backup first and the remote backup if the local is unavailable. Two to five business days of down time may be expected for a complete recovery. BIS will work with your software vendor to restore file(s) and database(s). BIS backups are randomly tested each year to verify file integrity. BIS cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of all data.


File Retention Policy

  • One full backup per day is kept for the past week.
  • One full backup per week is kept for the past 3 months.
  • Files deleted from the server or removed from backup are archived for one year.

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