BIS Consulting Welcomes New Clients: Henderson CAD, Cherokee CAD, Willacy CAD, and Wilson County Tax Office

BIS Consulting is happy to announce the introduction of four new clients to our family: Henderson County Appraisal District, Cherokee County Appraisal District, Willacy County Appraisal District and the Wilson Tax Office. These offices have recently started using one or more of our support products and services. Henderson CAD has signed up to use our full website suite, which encompasses Website Design and Hosting, plus our Online Protest, Property Search and Online Forms technologies. In addition to the website suite, beginning October 1st, Henderson CAD will also be using our GIS Interactive Map and GIS Training services. Our teams are currently busy preparing Henderson CAD’s new products.

Cherokee CAD is gaining a new server combined with our IT Maintenance contract. The new server is due to go live on Friday, September 1st, and as you might imagine our IT team is busy preparing and testing the new equipment!

Both Willacy County Appraisal District and the Wilson Tax Office have already activated their new services. Willacy CAD made the switch to our email and Website Hosting services earlier in the summer. You can check out their new generation website here: The website is designed to work on all sorts of devices and allows Willacy CAD’s property owners to connect with the appraisal district no matter where they are.

The Wilson Tax Office opted for a new server, which was installed in mid to late July 2017. In addition to the server, the Wilson Tax Office is also taking advantage of BIS Consulting’s IT Maintenance plan to protect the server. The Tax Office’s new hardware went live on July 19th.

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