Remote Solutions – Online Protest

As Notices of Appraised Value start hitting mailboxes, appraisal districts all over Texas are gearing up for protest season. Since most offices are currently closed to the public, this protest season introduces additional strain on what was already the busiest and most stressful part of the year for you and your staff.


The BIS Online Protest system helps improve the appeals process for both the appraisal district and the taxpayer, allowing you to receive protests, review and upload evidence files, handle requests for ARB evidence packets, conduct taxpayer to appraiser or agent to appraiser discussions, offer settlement and waivers, and much more. Your appraisers can quickly and easily work with taxpayers without the need for any face-to-face interaction, saving your district time and making the process less daunting for all users.


For the 2020 protest season, we’ve made big changes to the BIS Online Protest system to improve usability, add features, and make the protest experience better for taxpayers, agents, and the appraisal district.


These changes include but are not limited to:

  • Updates to reflect the changes made in the Comptroller’s latest Notice of Protest form.
  • Configurable reasons for protest to handle individual district needs.
  • Telephone numbers can now be required when a taxpayer or agent is registering to file a protest.
  • Text files can now be uploaded as evidence.
  • Added ability for protesters and appraisers to specify an evidence type classification to help manage evidence files.
  • Added a new feature to automatically flag protests that indicate possible requests for ARB evidence packets to be reviewed by district staff.
  • Added ability to display custom alert message from the district when a protester chooses their preferred hearing type.
  • Telephone hearing option on the Notice of Protest is now configurable to handle individual district preference on whether to ask the protester for a telephone number for the ARB to contact them, or to not ask for a telephone number and refer the protester to the county specific hearing procedures.
  • Protesters can now choose to receive their ARB hearing notice by First-Class mail, certified mail or email.
  • Improved ‘All Active Protests’ view with better sorting and filtering to improve appraiser workflow. Also added three new columns for protest submitted date, hearing type, and hearing notice selection so that the information can be easily accessed and exported.
  • Improved ‘Recently Updated Protests’ view with better sorting, filtering, and alerts to improve appraiser workflow.
  • Improved the organization of closed and archived protests. Closed protests can now be viewed by year from a dropdown selection.
  • Added ability to show a system-wide message that will display on each protest.
  • User comments can now be disabled system wide.


For a demo of the BIS Online Protest system, contact us today at or by calling us at 1-800-247-9045.