Remote Solutions – Virtual Meetings

BIS Consulting’s online services have always been helpful but considering recent events they are now becoming essential. With the doors locked to most appraisal districts across the state, many are wondering how to continue to connect with taxpayers for meetings, informals and protests.

If you have a BIS-hosted website we are offering a free enhancement that allows your taxpayers to chat with you directly from your home page. If your taxpayer is visiting your site and has a question, they can type in the chat box and a message will be sent in real time to the contact of your choice in the office. This add-on is easily configured to reflect your office hours. Anyone that messages outside of those hours will receive an alert and will be prompted to leave a message.

After appraisal notices go out, your taxpayers usually stop in your office for an informal meeting to discuss their values. You can now take these meetings virtual by upgrading your BIS hosted website with a scheduling plugin. This allows taxpayers to request time to meet with your appraisers via Zoom.

Are you new to Zoom? No worries!

We have been working closely with the company and are excited to now offer BIS Zoom Support. Here is what is included:

Zoom Basic Training Webinar

  • How to hold a public meeting
  • How to handle executive sessions
  • Waiting room basics
  • Breakout room basics
  • Managing recordings

Essential Documentation

  • Security settings checklist
  • Board member reference sheet
    • How to join meeting
    • How to present
    • Basic audio/video troubleshooting
  • In-Meeting quick reference sheet
  • Taxpayer reference sheet to post to your website
    • How to join
    • How to participate in a public meeting
    • Basic audio/video troubleshooting

Access to virtual round-table meetings

Access to all future BIS Zoom webinars

If you would like BIS Zoom support please request an estimate by emailing

If you would like to upgrade your website with the chat or scheduling features, please contact our Sites Department at