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Online Protest

Online Protest Application (eProtest)

Allow taxpayers with homestead properties the opportunity to protest those property taxes online
Texas Tax Code § 41.415, states that appraisal districts are required to allow taxpayers with homestead properties the opportunity to protest those property taxes online. As taxpayers become more internet savvy, online appeals are becoming a popular option, saving counties time and money. The BIS Consulting online protest software is designed to simplify the appeals process for taxpayers while giving appraisers the ability to easily manage protests. This technology will allow appraisers to view evidence, negotiate pricing with the taxpayer and present a Settlement and Waiver for approval, all in one application.


  •  4 Step Appeals Process for Taxpayer: This simple method closely resembles the past format that is already familiar to the taxpayer. Emails throughout the process alert the taxpayer to steps that have been completed and what to expect next.

  •  Daily Email Summary Notifications: Appraisers are notified via a once a day email regarding protests in which action is needed. This includes new protests, protests with outstanding Settlement and Waivers, and protests in which a taxpayer has added new evidence or asked a question.

  •  Chat Log for Appraiser and Taxpayer: Communication with the taxpayer can be done via chat, allowing appraisers to reach out to taxpayers at their convenience. This allows conversations to be documented for hearing purposes and does not disclose the appraiser’s email address.

  •  Integration with CAMA Software Vendor: Taxpayer information is pulled directly from CAMA software to ensure accuracy. When the online protest process is over, appraisers can easily upload all evidence into CAMA Software for documentation purposes.

  •  Centralized Management: An easy to navigate console allows appraisers to quickly locate individual protests or groups of protests like all new protests, all protests with outstanding settlement and waivers or all protests in which a user is waiting for communication.

  •  Real Time Reporting: View up to date statistics including charts and graphs depicting protests by appraiser, protests by status, and protest activity by week. Access to current data will help to better manage work flow and ensure efficient processes.

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