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Property Search

Property Search Application (eSearch)

We simplified the property search process
BIS Consulting’s Property Search application (eSearch) is built with the latest technology and simplifies the property search process. You no longer need to specify advanced search criteria, or fill out multiple fields to perform a search. eSearch takes a single search input and quickly returns results based on the information you entered. It also has built-in logic to determine if you are looking for a street or an owner name. eSearch provides up-to-date property information without installing software and lots of unnecessary hardware.

eSearch_demo_ssMap Integration:
Our eSearch application gives you the option to specify which maps you want to use. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing GIS data or display maps from Google or Microsoft Bing. This integration is extremely helpful to determine the physical location of a property.
Printing Information
Printing property information online is as simple as hitting the print button. All of the property information is in an extended layout. This allows a user to print from one screen instead of trying to print information in various locations throughout the site.
Mobile Ready
Need to view property information from your smartphone? eSearch can automatically format the search results to a mobile format. This makes viewing the information fast and easy!
Public Information Act
The Texas Government Code, Chapter 552 states all government information is available to the public. Our eSearch application makes this information available online at no additional cost to users.
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