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Mobile Maps

GIS Interactive Map Optimized for Mobile Devices

A robust web mapping application that you can share with anyone.
BIS Consulting is dedicated to providing the best available technology to Appraisal Districts in Texas. To better serve our clients and satisfy public requests for property information, we have developed an online interactive mapping system. 

As an add-on to the standard interactive web map we can also configure a version that is optimized for all mobile and tablet devices (including iPad).

Mobile Maps

ArcGIS Online has evolved and continues to improve. This offering from Esri is quite robust and the applications built in this environment run seamlessly in the mobile environment. BIS is in a position to offer and/or support named user subscriptions to ArcGIS Online for Organizations. If you think this may be an option, please let us know and we can discuss it. As part of our standard pre-paid GIS Support package we will do AGO set up, configuration and management too!

Disclaimer: The Interactive Map uses the following ESRI WMS services as the default basemaps, imagery, imagery with labels, streets, light gray canvas, topographic, and soils. These basemaps are hosted for free by ESRI and are maintained solely by them, ESRI reserves the right to refuse access to them at any time. BIS does not possess the permissions to actively edit / change this data. While ESRI does possess a system for requesting data changes to be made, BIS considers these data changes to be the sole responsibility of the Client. BIS can submit these changes on behalf of the client, given the Client follows BIS Maintenance standards; these will be charged at the hourly rate and apart from regular maintenance hours.
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