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Online Forms Suite

Online Forms Suite

The new and easier way for taxpayers to file forms using the CAD’s website


In the last ten years, more and more business practices are being executed online, from buying groceries and airline tickets to filing tax returns and insurance claims. Now your taxpayers can skip the office wait and submit state forms using your website and the new BIS Consulting Online Forms Suite. These Online Forms are secure, fast, and compatible with computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones; making it easy for taxpayers to use. We’ve also built an administration dashboard for office clerks to see, at a glance, a form’s submission status. The administration dashboard includes a “notes system” to pass messages to and from the taxpayer, to better resolve any inaccuracies on the form.

The best part? Our forms do not require taxpayers to complete a convoluted registration process! All that is needed to submit a form: a working internet connection, a web browser and a valid email address.
The new Online Forms Suite will reduce office lines, clerks spend more time processing forms, and taxpayers spend less time filling them out. The Online Forms Suite currently houses several commonly used forms, including the Agricultural Use (50-129), Disabled Veteran (50-135), and Homestead Exemption (50-114). We are developing the application so it can be quickly updated with new forms, both state and custom. If you would like more information on how your office can save time and money by subscribing to the BIS Consulting Online Forms Suite, why not give us a call at 800-247-9045?


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