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Tax Payment System

An Innovative Tax Payment Solution

Allow taxpayers to easily view and pay their taxes online
Technology is making it possible for us to take care of more tasks than ever before from the comfort of our own home. One of the best uses of technology is accepting online payments for your business. BIS Consulting is now offering a service exclusive to tax offices that gives them the ability to accept online tax payments. This is a beneficial service for both the tax office and the taxpayer.


Paying your taxes online couldn’t be any easier. Using the online search feature will allow a taxpayer to quickly and easily locate their bill. The service allows for multiple bill payments at once. This gives the taxpayer the option of adding all of their other accounts to the cart. At the checkout payments are processed using Certified Payments so the entire process is not only simple but safe as well.

Why is this such a huge benefit to your tax office? Well, think of this as the ‘self check’ checkout at the grocery store. Instead of five registers being staffed with five employees they are now able to save money and staff one person to manage all five self checkout lines at once since the customer is now doing the majority of the checkout process. This is the same idea with online tax payment. You will see less traffic in the tax office because taxpayers can easily search for their bill online, find out how much is due and make a payment all without having to step foot in the tax office. Even more convenient, the BIS online tax payment service will work on any phone, tablet or computer. And because it is integrated with Certified Payments you can take comfort in knowing your taxpayers are safe when using this system.
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