Storm Response Ready

BIS may be known as an IT consulting company, but first and foremost we are in the business of caring.

The most important characteristic of our team members is not the skills they provide, it is their heart. One recent example of this is the way our team jumped into action as Hurricane Laura was approaching.

Our GIS department worked to create a map based on the storm’s projected path. Using that information, we were able to easily identify who might be in harm’s way. The customer care department then reached out to those people, whether they are our client or not, to make sure that they were prepared, and they knew the best way to protect their hardware and data in severe weather.

The IT team immediately began verifying that all our backup clients knew that we had their data safe and secure in case there would be a need to have to restore data after the storm came through.

After the storm, our customer care team checked in to make sure our clients are safe and sound. Thankfully, for this storm, we had only one client that needed to close the office for an extended period due to power outages and wind damage.

At the very heart of BIS is a team that cares about our clients and it shows in moments like these.