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Archer County Appraisal District

Texas County GIS Data

Archer County, Texas

About Archer County, Texas

Archer County is located to the north of the state. It has a population of approximately 9,000 individuals spread out over 925 square miles of territory, but only 903 of these consist of land and the remaining 22 square miles consist of water. The county, formed in 1858 and organized in 1890, is named after Branch Tanner Archer, a commissioner for the Republic of Texas.
The county seat is Archer City, population of approximately 1,750. Archer City is famous for having an 18-year old Mayer and being 12 miles away from the Lake Kickapoo Field Station, a 1.5-mile antenna and transmitted for the Space Command system.

Archer CAD

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Archer CAD

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