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Coryell Central Appraisal District

Texas County GIS Data

Coryell County, Texas

About Coryell County, Texas

Coryell County’s population is around 75,000 and was named after Texas Ranger, James Coryell, who was killed by Comanche Indians as he protected settlers. The county, founded in 1854, was originally going to be called Pierce Country but the name was changed after James’ death. It is located slightly to the east of the centre of the State and consists of 1,057 square miles, of which 4.7 consist of water.

The county seat is at Gatesville with a population approaching sixteen thousand. Gatesville was founded in 1854 and takes its name from Fort Gates, which was established five miles to the west. The city Gatesville is one of eighteen cities in the county and is notable for housing five of the eight state prisons.


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