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Limestone Appraisal District

Texas County GIS Data

Limestone County, Texas

About Limestone County, Texas

The Limestone County has a population of over 23,000 across 933 square miles, although some 28 of these consist of water. It was formed in 1846 and the original county seat was Springfield, but this was subsequently changed to Groesbeck in 1873 after the Springfield courthouse burned down and a number of county boundary changes. Limestone County is famous for the Fort Parker Massacre, where an alliance of Comanche, Kiowa, Caddo and Wichita tribes approached the under a flag of peace. The Indians subsequently attacked the fort and killed or kidnapping the majority of individuals within.
Groesbeck is the town closest to the Ford Parker site. It has a population a little way over 4,000 and was constructed as a township by the Houston and Texas Central Railroad in 1869, named after a railroad director, Abraham Groesbeeck. The reason for the difference in spelling is because of a Post Office directive to simplify the spelling of towns. It was declared the county seat in 1873.

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