Truth-in-Taxation Makes Complicated Tax Rates Transparent and Easy to Understand 

Last year, Senate Bill 2 introduced a requirement mandating that appraisal districts across Texas must create and maintain a property tax website that helps property owners understand tax rates, see who is responsible for setting those rates, and learn how to be involved in the public meetings where tax rate changes are discussed.  Specifically, SB2 requires a Truth-in-Taxation website:

  • provide information that is provided by the taxing units of the appraisal district.
  • be continuously updated by Taxing Units as preliminary and revised data becomes available.
  • be accessible to the public.
  • be searchable by the property address and the owner.

Once SB2 became law, the BIS development team got to work creating a site that not only met the requirements but that was also clean, organized, and user-friendly. To be useful to taxpayers, the site had to be easy to navigate and provide a thorough break down of the different tax rates that contribute to a property owner’s tax bill.

In addition to an easy-to-navigate layout, charts and graphs were added to give taxpayers a visual comparison of prior year rates and how proposed changes would affect them.

Since SB2 also stated that a designated officer of the Taxing Unit is responsible for updates, our team made updating and maintenance a priority to ensure entering information is straightforward and effortless as possible. Data can be imported into the BIS Truth-in-Taxation website manually or en masse, making onboarding and data management as easy as possible. The BIS Truth-in-Taxation website also supports an approvals workflow to make sure any tax rate changes are reviewed and approved prior to publication.

The BIS Truth-in-Taxation website is now being used by counties across Texas who chose BIS because of the site’s best-in-class user experience, usability, extensive data management features, and excellent BIS support. Reach out to today and let us build a Truth-in-Taxation website for you!