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Valuation & Data Consulting

Take your GIS to the next level

  • Visualize relationships and trends within sales and property data with an easy to use interface.
  • Conduct sales ratio studies and visualize assessment equity through various stratifications.
  • Analyze and interact with aggregate statistics at the neighborhood and market level.
  • Identify important characteristics of property that can affect value.
  • Easy and quick comparisons of values based on multiple factors such as age, size, quality, location, etc.
  • Provide visual context in the defense of values during a protest.
  • Increased speed and accuracy in the development of mass appraisal models.
  • Understand locational influences on property values such as golf course lots, waterfront lots, busy roadways, and proximity to commercial or industrial developments.
  • Amazing reporting capability.
  • Outstanding presentations built for value defense and depiction of sales trends with ease.
  • Ability to help derive potential assessment neighborhoods and market areas.

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